day and night

Day and night renewable energy

In the mountains you often can find running water to win energy from. A small creek is already sufficient. Micro Hydro generators can induce as much energy as is necessary per year for an average household. In contrast with solar energy a hydro-generator is turning day and night, as long as water is running.

Very profitable

The technology of hydro-power is reliable and compared to other sources of renewable energy very profitable. The bigger the difference of hight the more energy can be won. The potential energy of the water will be turned into kinetic energy by the small turbine, that will start a generator to produce electricity.

Do it yourself installation

The compact Micro Hydro generator converts the produced energy directly into usable 230V current. With the built-in stabilizer and overload protection the hydro-turbine is ready-to-use. With locally available materials, tube or pipes and wiring, it's easy to set up the whole installation yourself.

Use the power of nature,
it's free, clean, available and endlessly.


More information

A hydro-turbine is very easy to install. Take a look at the steps below. Evaluate your situation of the head and the flow of the water to choose the most appropriate generator.


A hydro-generator is at least seven times
more profitable than solar-power.



The standard Micro Hydro generator -easy to install yourself- produces up to 750 Watt, 230V 50 Hz. More powerful models available on request. To install the generator, you can use materials that can be easily obtained locally. If you prefer to install more than 750 Watt we suggest to consult a specialist during the installation.

max power 300 Watt
head 11-14 mtr
flow 3-5 l/s
diameter 50 mm
price 785 (exclusive delivery)
max power 500 Watt
head 13-18 mtr
flow 5-7 l/s
diameter 75 mm
price 936 (exclusive delivery)
max power 750 Watt
head 13-18 mtr
flow 6-9 l/s
diameter 75 mm
price 1096 (exclusive delivery)
max power 1500 Watt
head 8-25 mtr
flow 8-11 l/s
diameter 125 mm
price 2018 (exclusive delivery)
A 1000 Wh hydro-turbine generates yearly 8 times more power than
5 solar pannels, also during the night and in rainy weather.



Fill in your details and get appropriate advice for your situation. You will receive an offer, shipment costs included. Payment and delivery in consultation.

300 Watt 785 Euro excl. delivery
500 Watt 936 Euro excl. delivery
750 Watt 1096 Euro excl. delivery
1500 Watt 2018 Euro excl. delivery
+1500 Watt | on request
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Easy maintenance,
reliable technique and 2 years warranty*.



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Thanks to the easy installation, any do-it-yourselfer
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